Direct Care Health Institute course offers training for the non-licensed individual to provide safe, effective and caring services to patients, residents and clients in a variety of health settings. This is a rigorous and challenging short-term course. It will provide classroom instructions, practice of clinical skills in the clinical lab setting and in an actual clinical facility. Students will learn about being a contributing member of the health care team, communication and interpersonal skills, infection control techniques, providing personal care, and assisting a client with restoration or rehabilitation.

Clinical opportunities will be provided within the course schedule at community facilities. Time of clinical sessions may differ from the classroom sessions. Students are provided a complete schedule of dates at times of registration.

This is a non-credit Professional Development course. College credit is not provided.

The Direct Care Health Institute Certified Nursing Assistant Program is approved by the Georgia Department of Health and Human Services and meets all the requirements set forth by the State of Georgia for the nurse aide training.